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Tecway (China) Limited

Tecway (China) Ltd. was founded in 2004 in Hong Kong, and set up its subsidiary company, Shanghai Tecway Marine Equipment Co. Ltd. in Shanghai.

Tecway (China) Ltd. has offices strategically set up across the country and dedicated to industries like Diesel engine and Gas engine manufacturing. Since the establishment of the company, Tecway (China) Ltd. has strived to introduce talents, identified and imported high value products to the target market, and continued to make progress and maintain stable growth in the competitive market.

As a one-stop-shop that is able to offer bundled, solutions-oriented products and services, we stand for reliable technology and the flexibility to cater to your needs from sales consultancy, setup, installation, commissioning, training, after-sales services. And also our quick response service network that is unsurpassed in expertise and reliability.


The staff in our proactive service team is highly trained, many of them with academic engineering backgrounds, cover the entire value chain of the industries we cater to. With this we can get the most suitable supplier needs and delivering the customised solutions to our business partner's that make them successful.

As industries in China continue to grow, all the suppliers want to establish and develop a strong presence in the market place. So in early 2008, Tecway (China) Ltd. invested a processing plant - Shanghai Tecway Marine Equipment Co. Ltd., focused on producing marine equipment and chemical anti-corrosion treatment product.

We have good sense of customer priority. Our experience and expertise allows our team to fully assess the technical and commercial viability of products. We place great emphasis on quality and reliability, before and after sales support. Understanding the market as it evolves and the need to react positively to those changes of market, we believe Tecway (China) Ltd can provide you the most suitable product and service!

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