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Sustainability in Propulsion – Manoeuvring - Control & Automation

Brunvoll continue developing energy-efficient propulsion and thruster solutions, and systems for automated positioning and voyages. In this way our customers obtain reduced costs, reduced energy consumption and reduced emission to air and sea.

Brunvoll is regarded as one of the most complete system suppliers in the market, by having a wide portfolio of propellers, gearbox designs, thruster range, control & automation systems and high competence within system configuration and system integration.

Brunvoll is specializing in optimising the propulsion systems to the actual operation profile of the vessel for the lowest energy consumption.

Visit Brunvoll website – - to see the entire range of systems and services.
You will also find reference projects representing segments such as Cruise, Tankers, Containers, Cargo, Offshore, Fishing, Fishfarming, Ferries, Ro-Pax, Fast ferries, and Yachts. Further we can show you examples of a variety of complete system configurations within hybrid & electric propulsion and manoeuvring.

Brunvoll products for complete Propulsion & Manoeuvring Systems

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